Gt Bentley Beauty & Skin Care: Dermalogica Clear Start


Clear Start Facial (30mins) £30

Ideal for those teens and young adults (girls & boys), who would like a little help with products and routine.

Clear Start is created by Dermalogica, the number one professional skin care brand worldwide, to treat younger, breakout-prone skin. Potent active ingredients and gentle botanicals deliver your clearest, healthiest skin ever.

Why do I get spots?

Androgen, a hormone that becomes more pronounced during adolescence, makes oil glands grow and produce more sebum (a.k.a .oil!). That excess oil can mix with skin cells and clump together, forming a plug that gets infected with bacteria, swells and becomes a breakout.

Blackheads myth: Are trapped excess oil that have been changed in colour by coming into contact with oxygen (the way an apple turns brown when you cut it). Blackheads do NOT mean you are dirty!

Keeping skin properly cleansed and treated with the right products CAN help keep skin healthy and clear.

Be nice to your skin today with Dermalogica Clear Start and it will behave better in the future!

You can book a Clear Start Facial with me and you can also purchase Dermalogica products online