Our Nail Polishes




Goes on like polish…Wears like gel…Off in minutes…No lasting nail damage!

“Never having painted my own nails, this has transformed my toes and now I love wearing open toe sandals!” Ann 2016

Only 30mins – get your hands and feet ready for Spring.

NEW: CND Shellac – 14+ Day Nail Polish!

Shellac manicures & pedicures, polish is applied like regular nail polish and then hardened using a UV lamp. Shellac lasts much longer than your regular manicure; up to 14 days without chipping or peeling. Dry time is instant, making the application process fast and ensuring your polish doesn’t smudge.

– 14+ days of high-performance wear
– Stunning crystal shine
– Zero dry time
– Amazing 5-minute removal
– No nail damage

The perfect solution for glamour on the go!


Shellac nail polish
Shellac nail polish, large selection

NEW: CND Rescue RXx

Repair your nails! New rescue RXx reduces peeling, splitting and white spots on damaged nails encouraging them to become stronger.

Either book in for a manicure & pedicure or purchase from my beauty room for a daily fix.

Will it damage my nails?

Nail damage can be avoided by following the proper CND Shellac removal process of utilising CND Shellac Remover Wraps or the cotton and foil removal method. CND Shellac was developed and tested for years and our experience shows that the best product removal should not include soaking in bowls of acetone or ling of the natural nail.