Gt Bentley Beauty & Skin Care: Lycon Waxing

Lycon Hot and Strip Waxing

Alex undertook professional training in Advanced Intimate Waxing with Lycon – an industry leader.

Alex really believes in Lycon waxing to be a far better experience for the client. She offers various waxing treatments and endeavour to make it as painless as possible using flavoured Hot Wax. My personal favourite is the chocolate hot wax!

Why Lycon?

The unique pre-waxing barrier oil prevents LyconLogothe wax coming into direct contact with skin, this means that the wax can powerfully grip hair right at the root. It does this by shrinkwrapping around the hair as it dries, this enables the hair to be removed from the root – it doesn’t break the hair and leaves your skin smooth. Best of all the regrowth is slower!

Even if your hair is as short as 1mm, the wax will remove it without tugging on the skin!

Why wax?

  • Body odour is reduced due to the lack of hair in that area – great for hot days and for athletes
  • Shaving and depilatory creams can leave a rash on the treated area, wax leaves it irritation free
  • As your due date comes closer, you may choose to wax your intimate areas, the good news is that Lycon wax is completely safe throughout your pregnancy

Why use hot wax?

It is made from beeswax, paraffin wax, resin and essential oils. The wax is applied and removed against the hair growth and is more effective when treating small areas; especially intimate areas. Lycon hot wax is pliable and soft making it easy to contour to your shape.

What do the names mean?

  • Brazilian: when hair is removed from the pubic and anal area leaving a strip of hair 1inch wide at the front
  • Hollywood: all hair from pubic and anal areas is removed
  • Bikini line: this removes the hair outside of your knicker line
  • G-String: as per bikini line but a higher line

Strip Waxing

If you are waxing a larger area i.e. legs, arms or back, I use Lycon strawberry flavoured strip wax. “So Berry Delicious Strawberries ‘n’ Creme” has a delicious strawberry scent and spectacular mircro mica. Delicious strip wax removes hair quickly and gently, with no skin drag.

So whatever your waxing need, try out Lycon today for a painfree experience!

Strip Wax

Full leg: £24.00

Three quarter leg: £21.00

Half  leg: £17.00

Forearm wax: £16.00

Hot Wax

Standard bikini wax: £18.00

High bikini wax:£25.00

Brazilian wax: £35.00

Hollywood wax: £35.00

Underarm wax: £14.50

Eyebrow wax: £10.50

Upper lip wax: £9.00

Chin wax: £11.00

Lip & chin wax: £16.50

Lip, Chin and Eyebrow wax: £24.00

Full face wax: £28.50